Upcoming Workshops


Appalachian Center for Craft - Forging Ferrous Floral Forms

July 21st-26th, 2019
Learn a variety of sheet metal forming and forging techniques in order to create botanical                      forms. Fabricate representational and imagined flora. Discover creative ways to manipulate                      material and apply metal working tools, including everything from the coal forge to the plasma cutter, as we delve into making a bouquet.

Registration: https://epay.tntech.edu/C20205_ustores/web/classic/store_main.jsp?STOREID=166

Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft - Forming Floral Forms

November 14th-17th, 2019

In this workshop students explore sheet metal forming  and cold forging techniques in non-ferrous metals. Looking to the  natural world for inspiration, participants will create a variety of  organic elements, such as flower and plant forms, to be incorporated  into jewelry or sculpture. Utilizing stakes, hammers and anvils to  create shapes, you will manipulate metal into curves and lines. You will  also use soldering and cold connections. Open to all skill levels.


Registration: https://www.arrowmont.org/workshops-classes/workshop-details/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=630